​A partner with major health actors, we offer rapid and innovative solutions in support of your operational goals. Take advantage of our technology and our expertise in order to better understand and use real life data.

An alternative and innovative offer

Agility & Simplicity

Get unlimited access to an online platform with no limit of users and find your simple to use business applications.

Optimization & Connectivity

Use Open Data first. Optimize your purchases and easily integrate data into your daily decision making processes.

Consulting & Innovation

Benefit from the advice and innovation from our team of data scientists and business intelligence developers for your projects.

Want to know more?

Real Consulting Data is a company that specializes in the processing and the analysis of data (Big Data) with the goal of making the data accessible to everyone (Smart data). Since its creation, the company has devoted most of its resources in R&D (Research and Development) in order to develop innovative, accessible, and operational solutions.

Innovative: We constantly integrate the latest technologies in the data processing.

Accessible: We prioritize the use of open source languages and open data (No user license costs).

Operational: We rapidly deploy your analytics platform.

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